This page serves as a simple landing page, directing to the various aspects of my online life.


Some years ago, my credit card details and name were used to create some scamming sites purporting to sell Adobe and Skype products. This was not done by me, and the scam appears to be periodically repeated using a new (presumably stolen) name and card to commit the same fraud. You can read more about the theft of my identity as well as a more general technology discussion on my Wordpress blog.

Other content

My professional profile is available on LinkeIn.

I have also been involved in the DC-CAM project in a professional technical capacity.

Further to this, I have also been involved in the retrocomputing technology, including contributing code for the G-IDE project as well as porting an interactive fiction game player (see the box on the right) which works on both emulators and real hardware of the TRS-80 model 4.

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